Grand Master. Yong Hyeok Lee

Grand Master. Yong Hyeok Lee in Shoreview - Lee's Champion Taekwondo Academy

Grand Master. Yong Hyeok Lee

8th Degree Black Belt Owner and chief instructor at Lee's Champion Taekwondo Academy Shoreview.

-Author of Amazon’s Best Seller " Fast And Curious: The Secret Behind Supercar Owners' Success!

- Author of Amazon’s Best Seller “Bulleyproof: Unleash the hero inside of your child. VOL2.

-Author of the book “From Bench Warmer To Champion: 7 Steps To Make Your Dreams Come True”

-Certified 8th degree Black Belt from World Taekwondo Federation

-Former Three Times Korean National Middle Weight Taekwondo Champion

-Former US National Taekwondo Team Coach & Manager

-Graduated Seoul Physical Education High School ?? ??????

-Graduated Sung Kyun Kwan University ??? ???

-Master Degree in Sports Psychology from Minnesota State University of Mankato

-Graduated Anthony Robbins Mastery University

-Graduated Anthony Robbins Leadership Academy

-Certified NLP from American Board Neuro Linguistic Programming

-Certified Dream Builder Life Coach

-Graduated High Performance Academy

-American Taekwondo United MN State President

-Former Chairman of ATU Referee committee

- President of MN State Taekwondo Association For US Korean Sports Association

- Referee Chairman of US Korean Taekwondo Association

-Adjunct Professor of External Affairs Chosen University in Korea ????? ????

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