Lee's Champion Taekwondo Academy Get To Know Us. Watch this 2:59 minutes video!

Get To Know Us. Watch this 2:59 minutes video!

Lee's Champion Taekwondo Academy JoAnn S.

I watched my grandchildren as they received their black belt 1st degree. I watched as Master Lee gave each child and adult their new belt. I observed how much he loves the kids. His energy and kindness has really inspired both of my grandchildren, Thank You

JoAnn S.

Lee's Champion Taekwondo Academy Hyunsik J.

Learn from the Best! World best Instruction! World best program! Change your life with lifetime Taekwondo skill! Highly recommend! Second to none!

Hyunsik J.

Lee's Champion Taekwondo Academy Patricia L.

With out question, the instruction from Master Yong Hyeok Lee is the best. Master Lee is so encouraging. His sharp eyes catches mistakes and immediately helps students get the right form. Master Lee makes class fun and interesting. Master Lee is wonderful with little Hwarang and Tiny Tigers.

I appreciate the helpfulness, friendliness and concern from Mrs. Kim Lee.

Patricia L.

Lee's Champion Taekwondo Academy Amoreena B.

They are so welcoming and happy to have new faces in their well established business. Everyone was friendly and happy to help the "new family". So much fun. Looking forward to growing with them

Amoreena B.

Lee's Champion Taekwondo Academy LaOng Y.

Structure and foundation is what you will find here!

LaOng Y.

Lee's Champion Taekwondo Academy Michael B.

Grand Master Lee is absolutely amazing with all of the students. Our 5 year old has made incredible advances in balance, coordination, and discipline. My wife is thrilled to be taking classes too. Keep up the great work.

Michael B.

Lee's Champion Taekwondo Academy Lori S.

Great place! Classes taught by the owner. He's so good with the kids! Fun to watch.

Lori S.

Lee's Champion Taekwondo Academy Triet N.

Josephine loved it! To bad we moved across town! Master Lee is the best!

Triet N.

Lee's Champion Taekwondo Academy Manny R.

It's a wonderful academy to learn Teaknowdo. My two daughters been doing this program for almost over 1 year.

Manny R.

Lee's Champion Taekwondo Academy Lisa F.

I joined my kids in studying TaeKwon Do with the Lee's - and the program is nothing short of amazing! Great instruction AND fantastic life lessons in respect and honor. I highly recommend this program!!

Lisa F.

Lee's Champion Taekwondo Academy Mandy J.

Master Lee and his leadership team are Amazing, I can see such a difference in my son since he has started TKD at Lee's Championship Tae Kwon Do!

Mandy J.

Lee's Champion Taekwondo Academy Jamie G.

I think that this martial arts school teaches lots of great life lessons like respect. It provides a great workout with fun classes. You also learn to defend yourself, if needed. This school is one of the best martial arts schools you will ever go to. The instructors and Grand Master are also very nice and love to help kids. This school will help you develop great skills, and is exciting and fun.

Jamie G.

Lee's Champion Taekwondo Academy Clara G.

Its fun and you get to do all kinds of cool stuff and like you can learn cool forms and you can have birthday parties, Halloween parties. you can kick bags and there is a awesome grand master named Grand master young hyeok lee. he is funny and kind and there is great instructors and the instructors are kind and they help you when you need help. Taekwondo is the BEST! and its a great school

Clara G.

Lee's Champion Taekwondo Academy Anna G.

Great School, Great Environment, Awesome Skills Learned. The Lee's are very nice and compassionate people who care a lot about you. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone looking for Taekwondo or martial arts. I have learned so much there about self defense, respect, self-confidence, and much more.

Anna G.

Lee's Champion Taekwondo Academy Jennifer P.

L.CTA has become the foundation in which my children are growing and learning. They are taught respect, focus, self control and most importantly perseverance. To set a goal to become a black belt and then achieve that goal though hard work and dedication is truly a life lesson for all ages. The staff and instructors genuinely care about each and everyone of their students success.

Jennifer P.

Lee's Champion Taekwondo Academy Keaton L.

Great instructor. Good workout and good way to learn self defense!

Keaton L.

Lee's Champion Taekwondo Academy Dean H.

Spent 2 years looking for a martial arts school. When I saw Grand Master Lee working with 5 and 6 year olds I was sold. Spent over three years and would still be there except for a 68 years old knee that just could not do it anymore. If you want a school for your children or your self to learn not only the physical techniques that will get you to a Black Belt in your future, but will also give you support in building confidence, self respect, respect for others, that will serve you the rest of your life. You may get to work with one of our granddaughters who have gotten to the skill levels to teach others.

Dean H.

Lee's Champion Taekwondo Academy April A.

This school teaches so much more than kicking, punching, blocks and breaks. Master Lee teaches valuable life lessons at every class. Couldn't be happier!

April A.

Lee's Champion Taekwondo Academy Alex R.

A great school, great environment to learn, good master and instructors. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to do Tae Kwon Do.

Alex R.

Lee's Champion Taekwondo Academy Aidan

My son and nephew are a part of master Lees LCTA. Wonderful place for kids and adults of all ages. Master Lee has taught my son confidence, control and to be a champion. He leads his classes with respect and discipline. He knows all of his students by name and knows how each of them learn best. He leads by example. Master Lee is a remarkable man with a wonderful family. What he has taught my son and my nephew is irreplaceable! This is a great school and I would highly recommend it.


Lee's Champion Taekwondo Academy Margaret T.

Totally worth it!

Margaret T.

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