Give Your Child All The Tools To Succeed With Our Kids Martial Arts Classes

At Lee's Champion Taekwondo Academy, your child can thrive in a high-energy setting where they are taught valuable mental, physical, and emotional skills. Our Kids Martial Arts Classes in Shoreview are the best way to build a foundation and set your child up for success in all aspects of life. 

Our skilled instructors teach children of all ages and experience levels how to be confident, respectful, and physically active in for years to come. Learn more today!

Find The Kids Martial Arts Classes That's Perfect For YOU!

Tiny Tigers - Mommy/Daddy & Me Taekwondo (Ages 3-4): Taekwondo can teach toddlers good motor skills. Your child is learning how to move and walk, and the movements taught in these classes can help them be more stable on their feet as well as helping their hand-eye coordination.

Little Champions Taekwondo For Kids (Ages 5-6): Children at this level of classes gain so much in the way of social skills, making goals and sticking to them, and using their energy in healthy and productive ways.

Kids Martial Arts (Ages 7 and up): Build confidence and keep your child motivated with this progressive color belt system. They can build their skills one step at a time and take pride in everything they do.

Lee's Kids Martial Arts Classes Blend The Best Of Self-Defense And Athletic Ability

Our Kids Martial Arts Classes are fun and motivating for kids of all abilities. It doesn't matter if your child has never stepped foot inside a dojo. They can jump right in and master the physical tools in no time.

We help students overcome challenges like bullies and peer pressure and we give them a core set of strength and coordination that can carry over into any sport or hobby they are interested in.

Lee's Kids Martial Arts Classes In Shoreview can teach your child:

  • Power, speed, and agility
  • Lifelong habits of physical activity
  • Real-world self-defense skill for any situation

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PLUS Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Offer The Best Character Tools For Any Child 

The best part about our Kids Martial Arts program isn't the kicking and the punching. Those parts are fun for our students and keep them motivated, but the most important aspects come from the character skills that we aim to build each and every day.

Our students in Shoreview come from all backgrounds and mindsets, but from day one, we surround them with positive influences and build them up through a series of accomplishments. 

In no time, your child can learn:

  • Respect for others
  • Discipline and focus
  • Determination and Perseverance
  • Unwavering self-confidence
  • Leadership and teamwork skills 

There's no better way to set your child up for success in the long run than with our Kids Martial Arts Classes in Shoreview!

Shoreview, Don't Miss Out - Learn More About Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Today!

Don't let your child struggle to find their footing. Give them a boost today at Lee's Champion Taekwondo Academy. Our skilled instructors are proud to work with a wide range of students, helping everyone take pride in themselves and their achievements.

To learn more about our Kids Martial Arts Classes in Shoreview or to sign up today, all you have to do is fill out the short form on your screen. We'll take care of the rest!

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