Don't Let Fear Stop You

“Fear is the biggest obstacle for some people to achieving their dreams. And it is always there; it does not matter whether you are successful or not, we all have fear. The more you focus on the negative, the bigger the amount of fear you will feel.
If fear is holding you back, and stopping you from achieving your dreams, consider this concept about fear.
When I first heard of this concept from Tony Robbins, I agreed immediately because it made sense to me.
Fear is all about that negative story that you keep telling yourself. It is due to bad management of the mind. Fear is one emotion that we all have that will never go away. Fear is more effective you give more attention and you then become unable to act.
So, how do successful people deal with fear?
Successful people make their dreams bigger than the fear of obstacles and circumstances, they’re aware of fear but they’ve put dreams and purpose on a bigger pedestal and they can’t afford to stay afraid.
Successful people understand that in order to achieve their dreams, they need to have courage. Courage to me means even[…]”

Excerpt From: Yong Hyeok Lee. “Fast And Curious.” iBooks. 

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