Raise Your Standard!

Raise Your Standard


One of the best ways to get you keep improving yourself is to raise your standard. We all know there are always next level. If you believe you are the best one in your field, raise your standard, make yourself better than yesterday. Ask yourself, what is my next step? What can I do better?


Test your limits by raising your standard in every aspect of your life.

Start expecting and demanding more from yourself and from those around you. Have zero tolerance for any form of indecent exposure and by developing a voracious appetite for anything that is great, right, healthy and praiseworthy.

So, never stop improving yourself by raising your standard higher than yesterday. Remember, there is always a next level.


Think of new and better ways to becoming a better student, coach, parent, spouse, employee, leader, and citizen of the world.


Excerpt from the book "Fast & Curious: The Secret Behind Supercar Owners' Success

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