Surround Yourself With Successful People!

Surround Your Self With Successful People

Have coaches/mentors

Find someone who already achieved what you want to achieve
Having a coach or mentor is an important essence to success. Every successful athlete has a coach, Michael Jordan had a coach, Tyler Wood, Yuna Kim, they all had coaches. This does not mean these coaches perform better than the athletes. It means they are able to observe the athletes performance and coach so they can improve in their sport. It is impossible for an athlete to practice and observe all his flaws at the same time. With coaching, athletes can achieve their goals a lot faster.

Success in life is almost the same way as athletes. Do you want to be successful in your business or career? Then find somebody already successful in that field of life and learn from them. Do the same things that they did for positive results, this is one of the fastest ways to achieve your dreams.
A great coach would tell you what you are doing great and areas you need to improve.

Excerpt From: Yong Hyeok Lee. “Fast And Curious.” iBooks.

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